Inspirational Youth Leader Receives Award

Thatcham Youth were celebrating this month as Head of Youth Activities Dan Carter was awarded the Inspirational Club Leader of the Year award for 2018.

Dan, who has been with Thatcham Youth since April 2010 and took over the running of its youth activities in September 2015 was presented with the award by Berkshire Youth at their awards evening in July. Dan said, “I am incredibly proud to have received the award and it is great to receive recognition for all the work that I put into Thatcham Youth, with many voluntary hours on top of my paid work securing grants and doing all of the behind the scenes work. I have such a passion and I must also credit my fantastic team at Thatcham Youth, as without them none of what we do would be possible.”  

Chairman & Trustee of Thatcham Youth, Dave Carter added, “It is great that Dan has been recognized for the fantastic work that he does for Thatcham Youth, a significant portion of which he does voluntarily, there is no doubt that Thatcham Youth would not be where it is today without his efforts and inspirational leadership”