Stop, Look, Listen this National Safeguarding Week

We’re joining UK Youth, a leading national charity that reaches 1.5 million young people across the UK, for #StopLookListen19 this National Safeguarding Week.

Through #StopLookListen19, UK Youth is calling on all organisations that work with young people to Stop what they’re doing, Look at their safeguarding practices, and Listen to young people and take action during National Safeguarding Week. The week aims to put a spotlight on the welfare of young people and inspire and motivate youth organisations to help build bright futures for young people by implementing robust safeguarding policy.

Research undertaken by UK Youth found that:

• 64% of young people say they are more likely to battle on alone than go to anyone for help.

• 82% of youth workers agree that loneliness is an issue for the young people they work with.


Join us this National Safeguarding Week by committing to the highest standards of safeguarding policy and practice. You can pledge your support using #StopLookListen19 on social media. Find out more about the campaign on the Stop. Look. Listen webpage -