News: Dans Blog – April 2020

Wooden blocks spelling BLOG

It has been a little while since my last blog in November. To say the least, it has been a bit of a hectic few months for lots of reasons, including the Coronavirus pandemic currently affecting the UK. 

Normally I talk of all the wonderful things we currently have going on and upcoming, but sadly everything we had planned has been cancelled or postponed. Over the last few months we had been planning ahead for our 10 Year Anniversary celebration and awards evening, a years worth of work in the making and sadly we have had to postpone this one. We did recieve lots of good nominations for the awards part of the evening and are really looking forward to holding the evening in the future. We were also planning for our third annual Easter Family Fun Day, our upcoming three months of youth club activities and Roller Discos – all of these have been cancelled until further notice. 

It is certainly a challenging time for the entire country, and specifically our young people. Ranging from those in year 6 who may not see many of their classmates again, year 11’s who now won’t be able to sit their GCSE exams, and the adaptation of all young people to being homeschooled (I know this is challenge for parents too!). It’s certainly a challenging time for young people and families, but just remember that you can make it through this and be a stronger person as a result. I wanted to reiterate to all young people that you need to listen to the government advice and be following social distancing guidelines, I know its hard not seeing your friends, but your future really is at stake here. 

Despite everything going on, there are still vulnerable young people who need our support, and to that end I just remind everyone that our Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter all have at least one youth worker on them. So no matter the time of day, if any young person is needing help or support, please do just get in contact with us and we can help you, or signpost you to an organisation who can. As time goes on we have had to find new ways to engage with our whole spectrum of young people, through distribution of crafting supplies at the very early stages of the pandemic, posting resources and activities to our social media feed,to holding videocalls with our older young people.

So whilst it is a bit of a strange and different time for us, we will continue to do what we can to support young people – primarily through social media channels. And I really do wish you all the best and ask that you #stayhomesavelives.

Dan’s Blog is written by our Head of Youth Activities Dan Carter, any questions about the blog should be sent to