Dave Carter

Photograph of Dave Carter.

Roles: Chair, Treasurer

Representing: Local resident

Dave is a hardy northerner who has been down south for over 30 years based in Thatcham. He is now a Semi retired Self employed accountant for local businesses after almost 38 years at Pepsico. He volunteers to support local charities primarily as Treasurer (and general helper) which currently includes Thames Valley Kings Wheelchair Basketball and Thatcham Youth, as well as providing free independent reviews of Charity accounts.

Keith Jardine

Silhouette of a person.

Roles: Member, Vice chair

Representing: Local resident

Keith has been volunteering with Thatcham Youth since the Roller Disco turned into a monthly event in Thatcham. In 2019 Keith joined the management committee and continues to support Thatcham Youth in its activities. 

Rachel Robinson

Photograph of Rachel Robinson.

Role: Secretary

Representing: Local resident

Rachel joined Vision Youth Club in late 2016 - with a history of working with young people and bringing a real enthusiam to the arts & crafts activities at the youth club. Rachel later joined G-STAX Youth Club helping to run arts and sports activities here. 

Rachel left her working roles and has since re-joined as a member of the management committee and currently sits as the Secretary

Craig Baker

Silhouette of a person.

Role: Member

Craig joined our committee in 2021, bringing many years of skills & qualifications in Health & Safety to our charity.

Dan Carter

Photograph of Dan Carter.

Role: Member

Representing: Local resident

Dan works as our Head of Youth Activities, overseeing the operation of all our activities, working to secure funding & ensure everything is in place so that our charity can successfully operate and be sustainable in the long term. Dan has been with Thatcham Youth since 2010, joining as a volunteer and working his way up through the organisation. 

Dan is passionate about working with young people and truly believes in offering all young people the equal opportunity to succeed in life and to have equal opportunity to take part in activities. He is keen to see more youth work delivered for the young people of Thatcham and ensuring it is run in a safe, fun and inclusive manner. 

Jason Collis

Silhouette of a person.

Role: Member

Jason started his involvement with Thatcham Youth as a Town Council Representative and had continued in his place on the Management Committee. He also helps the charity by sitting as a Trustee. 

Thatcham Town Council

Thatcham Town Council logo.

Role: Member

Representing: Thatcham Town Council

Each year Thatcham Town Council appoints two representatives to the Thatcham Youth Committee.  For 2022/23 the representatives are:

  • Councillor David Lister; and
  • Councillor Jennifer Walker.